Founded in 1997, in New Delhi, INDIA, Sybex Support Services is a privately held company and has no obligations to the outside investors or public shareholders. Sybex Support Services has a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals who focus on delivering prompt and reliable service to its clients. Customer satisfaction and reliable service has always been our guiding principle. Sybex has a proven record of serving various government organizations with excellence in activities such as health care, janitorial/cleaning services, protective/security services, emergency services, accounting services, horticulture, staffing/placement services, and facility management. We have intentionally avoided encumbering ourselves with anything that might derail us from our mission: “Sybex helps government agencies succeed through strategy, technology, and service excellence”. “SYBEX” itself is a symbol of excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional service in providing supportive and productive employment along with training services to our diverse community of clientele. We are tasked to provide the finest employees to our clients and to uphold a quality standard on manpower handling and servicing clients, centering on integrity, social responsibility and excellent customer service.

Our Value

To achieve our mission, we have identified five critical shared values that foster fruitful relationships between our staff and with our customers: .

1) Act with honesty.

2) Do things right. .

3) Make customers happy.

4) Succeed as a team.

5) Focus on strengths.

Employees at Sybex model these five values as a reflection of personal convictions. These values define how we conduct business, how we treat one another, and what you as a customer can expect from us. Our staff of more than 50 full-time employees is talented, experienced, and passionate. We strive to deliver excellence and a personal touch to everything we provide: services, systems and support. The communal culture at Sybex is critical to our success. We do not outsource work. We work together as a team, supporting one another as we meet challenges and opportunities. Our company vision, “to become the world leader in human resource solution, with a comprehensive service offering that includes facility management, permanent recruitment, temporary & contract staffing, outsourcing, outplacement, career services, training and consultation. We enjoy what we do and take pride in our contribution to working with the government.

Why Us?

We are focussed and lay special emphasis on the expectations of our clients. We strictly comply with the details of the job. Selection of personnel by us is based on years of experience with clients in industrial, commercial, service and government sectors.

We continuously improve our selection procedures and practices to minimize your organizations Employee Turnover. Job specifications provided by you help us finding high calibre personnel for you. We use several methods for the purpose of sourcing candidates.

We are registered with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Foreign Affairs, Govt. of India to provide services worldwide. We have our registered offices in India, Canada and the U.S.A.

We are equipped with state of art offices at prime locations of cities, armed with modern communication techniques, we remain in touch with our clients, coordinate with them on regular basis and updating them the progress reports on daily and weekly basis...


◘ Trained Managers and professional staff with more than 23 years of field experience in serving the government departments.

◘ Fulfilled over 9,000 recruitment projects

◘ Worked with over 1000 global clients.

◘ Developed a global presence

◘ Gained Experience in Global Recruitment Campaigns

◘ Achieved Competency in Virtual Recruitment and Intelligent Recruitment Process Management

◘ Developed database of diverse talent pools and connections with professionals worldwide, specializing in functions across industry horizontals and verticals

◘ Set up technology-supported networks and systems, supporting machine learning, data analytics and AI, that allow us to minimize candidate search and selection processes

◘ We do a business of more than 12 million CAD annually, with different levels of government in India.

◘ We are currently managing more than 50 government facilities annually for Cleaning and Maintenance services in INDIA.

◘ We are currently serving more than 100 government facilities/departments with our Staffing/Placement services in various categories in INDIA.

◘ We are currently protecting various government facilities with our Security Services and Systems.

◘ We are constantly growing and now expanded in CANADA to serve Canadian businesses and Government sectors.

◘ We strictly adhere to code of professional ethics with an emphasis on honestly & integrity.

◘ We maintain Integrity, Honesty and Commitment in all our client relationships.

◘ Domain knowledge of providing services in various category like Cleaning/maintenance, Security guards and systems, staffing services, etc.

◘ We provide the right value for money to our clients.

◘ We invest fully in the training & development of our own people & in technology.


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We are proud to launch our website and look forward to sharing more details on these pages as we continue our sustainability journey.We do most of our support services ourselves and try to contract out as little as possible which makes us a major employer with almost 600 full-time employees. I hope you enjoy exploring the website and getting to know us...


-W.S. Modi

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